The advantages of coiled cable for electric cars

The advantages of coiled cable for electric cars

Coiled cables are distinguished by their flexibility and ability to be neatly coiled, so they take up less space and are easier to handle than regular cables. This makes them particularly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, they are more resistant to bending, folding or twisting, which is also positive for maintaining the insulation and integrity of the charging cable. So easier to store and more durable!

Using a coiled cable offers significant benefits for electric vehicles, including improved safety and charging efficiency. coiled cables, usually a type 2 charging cable, have better resistance to contamination and wear, thanks to their unique design.

A coiled cable vs a straight charging cable

Just what are the differences you can expect in use between a coil cable and a straight charging cable?

Flexibility and storage

  • Coiled charging cable: Provides excellent flexibility and is easy to store due to its coiled shape, taking up less space. Ideal for users who value order and neatness. Neat storage is also faster because a coiled cable assumes its compact shape more quickly and easily.
  • Straight Charging cable: Long and flexible, but can be more difficult to store and takes up more space, which can lead to a messy trunk.

Durability and use

  • coiled charging cable: The coiled shape means less chance of kinking and damage, making the cable last longer. In addition, the coiled cable is more likely to stay above the ground, preventing it from touching the ground and coming into less contact with dirt.
  • Straight charging Cable: Can get dirty more easily because it comes in contact with the ground more often, leading to more wear and maintenance.

Safety and pricing

  • coiled charging cable: Higher purchase price than a straight cable. But this reduces the risk of tripping and in many cases is a more cost-effective long-term choice because of its durability. Features additional heat resistance, pressure resistance, and waterproof properties.
  • Straight charging Cable: Provides a longer range, but with a higher risk of tripping and possible damage due to more frequent contact with the ground.

The choice between a coiled charging cable and a straight charging cable depends on personal preferences and specific user needs.

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